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               Huzhou Huangchen Garments Co.,Ltd was founded in 2004.Factory is located at No.62 Zaixing Road ,Lianshi Town ,Huzhou . Covering an area of 4000 square meter . Our company has total of 100 empolyees currently, including 20 seamer, 20 linking worker,20 final inspector, 20 auxiliary worker and 10 administrative staff . In addition , we also have 20sets of computerized flat knitting machine.


               The main business of our company is producing and exporting knittings and sweaters. The annual output of our company is about 300000pcs of garments including 100000pcs of knitting and 200000pcs of sweaters. We are particularly good at making the fashion products which combine sweater and knitting /tatting fabric. Products made by flat knitting machine is from 3GG to 16GG. The raw material is silk, fur, cotton, linen, wool, etc and blending by kinds of fiber. Knitting products including fleece, coat and warm pants which is heavy fabric and T-shirt, dress, underware which is light fabric by cotton, modal and viscose.


               Our company has mature skill on products’ design, developing and manufacturing. The main management personnel and business backbone have over 15 years experience averagely in garment manufacturing industry. Their rich production management experience and advanced production technology provide a powerful guarantee for customer on products’ quality and delivery time. Design, development and cost control is our speciality. We can produce fashion and high-end style of garment by low cost to meet customer’s needs no matter OEM or ODM. We use fully intergrated production and operation. We have multi-layer inspection in cutting, sewing and packing process. We operate SOP process strictly to supervise products’ quality effectively. We are willing to receive the order with low MOQ to support your sales by the most advantage.


              Our customers are all over the world which mainly from Japan, France, Netherland, Germany, Taiwan etc. Our product orientation is over middle and high level. We has did OEM for some famous grand such as HAJO,APAROSA,NOMAD,ESCALES for a long time. We firmly believe perfect products, low price and thorough service is the foundation of our company’s survival and development. We are looking forward more and more customers to be our Huangchen’s cooperative partners because of our sincere heart and let’s create a wonderful future together!

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